National and international events and incentives:

Corporate Events - Brand activation, team building, sales meetings, etc.

Sports & Music Events - VIP Shuttle, static Lounge.

Diplomatic delegations.

Thematic programs.


Considering the importance given to employees, clients or guests, O-BUS allows a highly personalized service where everyone feels special wish such care and attention.

Our BUS is highly versatile and with such variety of hardware solutions and technology you can get the best from your presentations.

- PC
- 4 LED TV Screens
- High quality sound
- DJ on request

- Mixing table with Bluetooth
- Stream: Apple TV (MacOS)
- Stream: Chromecast (Android)
- DJ Controller
- WIFI with the possibility of uploading media in real time from other location
- Exterior light and sound system with an independent generator (for static events)
- Possibility to apply a long vinyl banner on the outside with the logo of the sponsor or host

Events & Incentives

O-BUS has the transport he needed. We make a difference with originality and quality.